Air assist manual and question about pressure

F30130 laser module
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Air assist manual and question about pressure

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I have bought the Neje Master 2S max with F30310 laser module and air assist kit:

I can't find any information or manual about the air assist kit. Would you please provide a manual?

Why is there a nozzle in the package?
What is the best way to mount everything together?

In one F30310 drawing I can read "0,6 - 1,5 MPa". This is quite a lot of pressure. ;) Should I really use a minimum of 0,6MPa for air assist or does this means the maximum has to be between 0,6-1,5MPa?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Air assist manual and question about pressure

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Nozzle is a gift, if it is F30130 module, the nozzle is not necessary, NEJE will update the video in NEJE.WIKI, please pay attention to the update;
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Re: Air assist manual and question about pressure

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I used this pump with the air assist kit and it works brilliantly (I could barely get it to cut anything using the plastic air assist end the laser comes with) it's rated far lower than 0.6Mpa at >0.015Mpa but now I can cut 3mm MDF in a single pass with nice clean cuts !! ... 4c4dorVyQg

As for the nozzle (and spare nut & bolt) I've no idea, but using some of the hose in the kit I made a small attachment for my Master 2S 20W which has made a massive improvement to it's cutting & engraving !! I just used a thin bit of plastic screwed into the threads on the bottom of the laser with a small cube of wood with a 20 degrees angle hole for the nozzle with a bit of glue to hold it.)

Hope that helps
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