Master 2S sounds like a Helicopter. Help

NEJE MASTER 2S (170 x 170mm) laser engraver & cutter
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Master 2S sounds like a Helicopter. Help

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Hello. I recently got a Master 2s 20w via eBay used. I know that was a gamble but it was $100 bucks and it's my first venture into laser engraving. When it tries to home in by pushing the Home buttons, it sounds it makes a gawdawful noise and continues to make the noise until it's turned off. It does this with the Official Windows program and the Android App. I've tried Lightburn as well with the same result but it will eventually stop making the noise and allow me to move using the direction keys. Any insight on a fix would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Master 2S sounds like a Helicopter. Help

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You check whether the reset button is working properly, and whether the timing belt is too tight to touch the reset button;
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I dont think so. I took the bolt out several times and did not notice that it was an eccentric bolt. I think I would have noticed, but I will have to check that. Thanks.
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