Strange laser behaviour NEJE Master 2 20W

NEJE MASTER 2S (170 x 170mm) laser engraver & cutter
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Strange laser behaviour NEJE Master 2 20W

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Hi I bought my laser a few months ago but only used it a few times.

Now I wanted to try it again but the laser behaves very strange.

With the NEJE app (speed/power 20/20)
grayscale photo on 4mm plywood:

First run: nothing
Second run op 100% power : nothing (no burn at all)
Third run : (see picture) some parts deeply burned, other parts nothing. Image not recognisable at all

Then I switched to Lightburn thinking it was the fault of the NEJE app.

1st run on 20mm/s 20% power: nothing
2nd run 20mm/s 50% power: nothing
3rd run 20MM/s 100% power: light burn (see picture)

Focus seems ok. But it appears the laser is sometimes doing nothing and sometimes burning.

Lightburn is set up with the machine settings from here ... e-master-2

Do I need to set the power of the laser somewhere else in Lightburn? Is my laser broken?
Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 22.13.48.png
Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 22.13.48.png (603.83 KiB) Viewed 1332 times
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Re: Strange laser behaviour NEJE Master 2 20W

Post by dav »

Hello, I am very happy to receive your feedback. NEJE software can currently obtain accurate engraving results through laser power and burning time. NEJE software is still evolving, and will support more complete multi-layer engraving and APP control experience in the future;
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