Lightburn failing to see 2S Plus with 40w dual laser

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Lightburn failing to see 2S Plus with 40w dual laser

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Hi all, pretty new to this and could use a bit of help in case anyone has the answer. Set up a Neje 2S plus with 15w laser today, the Neje app sees the laser fine and I can engrave. Really impressed with the laser. But I want to use Lightburn, which I have already built up my project in. But the laser fails to see it. I downloaded the suggested Mac drivers (I'm on a Mac, running Big Sur) but still no deal. I think the drivers may be being blocked for security, but I cannot figure out how to get passed it. In system profile, I do not see the laser under the USB settings. If anyone is using Lightburn, Neje and Mac, and has any pointers, I'd appreciate it. I read the neje wiki several times but couldn't seem to find the answer.

If anyone has experience getting this to work not he Mac. Sadly it seems most things like firmware updates, etc, are built on PC, I saw no way to update firmware on the Mac? I guess maybe I just need to acquire a cheap windows machine...
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Re: Lightburn failing to see 2S Plus with 40w dual laser

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Hello, yours supports lightburn software, you can view the installation and setup instructions through; currently NEJE 2s plus motherboard needs to install the driver, so that the software can find the machine; the drive needs to be downloaded in; general is also available on the mac system Need to install the mac driver, you need to arrange the driver under the guidance of; NEJE will upgrade the driver-free design on the upgraded motherboard in the future, and then there is no need to install the driver.
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