The difference between NEJE laser module and other modules!

NEJE A40640 Double laser beam laser module
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The difference between NEJE laser module and other modules!

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The Difference Between Neje Laser Module and other modules!

2 years warranty:
The NEJE module currently adopts advanced gluing technology, ensuring that each laser module can control the temperature control in a safe range, and the Neje plant is the only factory that is a modular temperature test, while other temperature sensors The module is unable to dissipate reliability;

Laser Power:
Recent neje saw the label on the market and even the label 80W and 40W modules. NEJE clearly tells the laser engraving customers, Atomstack and other so-called 40W is actually single laser diode, and Neje A40640 is 2 laser diodes, actual The power is only half power of the Neje A40640 module, and the actual use effect is not different from the NEE N40630 and N30820 modules;

Safe Current:
Safety current is the bottom line of laser life. Under the same technical conditions, neje insists on safe laser current settings to ensure the life of laser diodes. NEJE believes that providing users with a reliable laser for long-term use is more short-lived Than Enhanced Current. The Super Power Experience Is Even More Important!

Square Spot:
All NEJE modules are square or round after focusing. The main use of FAC technology is to reduce the divergence angle of the laser beam and the maximum cutting thickness. If you have higher requirements for cutting thickness or efficiency, Within 18mm, A40640 module or A30830 , A40630 Are Your better choices; if you cutting Needs area for 8mm, N30820, N40630 Are Perfect Choices

Neje uses a built-in intelligent drive design, the built-in program can recognize temperature, control and other signals, dynamically adjust the fan speed and user feedback, and use it more quietly and safely;

So NEJE has 2 years of free warranty. Since NEJE has been established in 2013, it has served a worldwide of 1 million consumption, and the module produced by other small factory cannot provide quality assurance. Neje hopes to provide users with more transparent product purchase, help Users find a product that guarantees and affordable.
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